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A therapist pressing his hands down on a male patient's back

Osteopathic treatments for musculoskeletal disorders in Headingley Leeds

A therapist examining a patient's elbow and lower arm area

Treatment for a range of conditions

Osteopathy can help with a range of conditions when the cause is mechanical or soft tissue in origin. Other conditions not normally considered as having a mechanical cause may also respond to osteopathic treatment. 

Musculoskeletal conditions we treat:

• Elbow pain and tennis or 'golfer’s elbow'
• Back pain and lumbago
• Shoulder pain and ‘frozen shoulder’
• Headache and migraine
• Numbness and ‘pins and needles’
• Sciatica, neuralgia and ‘trapped nerves’
• Neck pain, torticollis
• Hip, knee, ankle and foot pain
• Wrist and hand pain
• Muscle pain, spasm and cramp
• 'Restless leg syndrome’
• Arthritic and rheumatic pain
• Sports injuries

Osteopathic treatment of sports injuries

A full examination of spine and joint mobility can identify the malfunction leading to injury. Treatment and exercise advice is then offered to speed recovery and prevent further injury. 

Headingley Osteopaths is frequently recommended by sports enthusiasts in the fields of golf, rugby, hockey, tennis, running and squash.
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